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June 27, 2009
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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.
Aurorarion Darkside vR2.2 by XPmania Aurorarion Darkside vR2.2 by XPmania

*****UPDATED 11/18/2010***** up to vRelease 2.2
--What's New--

●Changed Aero Window Transparency level
●Improvement of Aero Window Reflections effect
●Applied "Windows 7" Start Orb
●Replaced Windows Shell Image
●Optimized with Widescreen Display environment
●Updated some theme images
●FIXED some image & graphical bugs



*****UPDATED 04/13/2010***** up to vRelease2.1
--What's New--
● Improvement Taskbar PNG Image file
● Fixed StartPanel Image Bug


FULL NAME IS 'XPmania's Aurorarion Darkside vRelease2 for Windows Vista Operating System'

NOTE : This theme is Designed for Windows Vista Operating system. So, this theme cannot run in Windows XP & 7.

***What's new in Aurorarion Darkside vRelease2***
emphasized blue color more than previous version
Improvement theme visual style image & color
Provide a new wallpaper
FIXED some image & graphical bugs
REMOVED BigTaskBar msstyles file (exist only normaltaskbar size msstyle)

**How to install**
1. UNZIP this download file, and move two folder (SmallTaskbar and BigTaskbar folder) in "C:\WINDOWS\RESOURCES\THEMES" folder.
2. Now you can apply theme at 'Control Panel -> Personalization -> Window color and appearance -> open classic appearance properties for more color options -> color scheme'.

If you are looking for a previous version, you are available through this link. ---> [link]
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Galaxyburstwarrior Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I need help T_T I can't figure out how to get this thing to work
rokicza Featured By Owner May 28, 2013
I had this on Vista and I need this for Win7 :D
8000860 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014
Just get Vista back... I did so... it's much better ;)
Kayle-kins Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012
It's not working.
Deifl92 Featured By Owner May 26, 2010
its a great theme good work ;)
but i want to change the windows start button i use Resource Hacker
can you tell me wich number the start button is in the IMAGE folder ?
marz3pan Featured By Owner May 22, 2010  Hobbyist Interface Designer
I love this theme too, but can you or someone else make a version with non-transparent windows when maximised, pleeease???
KDub4Ever Featured By Owner May 6, 2010
I can't get it to work i have windows vista can someone help please?
Vanja1995 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
yah, its really good, but I cant use it because I think your msstyles file is the XP version, i dont know, we need .theme files, I think, but it needs an update to work, I think, again. Also you didnt include how to use instructions, but it looks REALLY good.
Motoman23 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2009
There is no .theme file included in the download. How can I create one or apply the theme? Thank you
klaount Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2009
Can you tell me please which gadget is that with the cpu info and the one below?
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